52nd Annual Sloan Museum Auto Fair June 22 & 23, 2024, at Sloan Museum of Discovery at the Flint Cultural Center.

We’ve had a number of questions this year. Hopefully, this helps answer our most frequently asked questions:

Q: I don’t have a vehicle, I just want to see the show. What time do the gates open and how much does it cost?
A: Visitor gates open at 9am both Saturday and Sunday. The cost is $10 for ages 12+, children younger than 11 are free with a paid 12+ ticket.

Q: I want to show my car. What time do gates open?
A: On Saturday, vehicle gates are open 7am to 5pm and Sunday 7am until 11am for Judged vehicles and until 1pm for Show vehicles.

Q: My vehicle isn’t a Corvette, Chevy, or Buick. Can I still bring it to the Auto Fair?
A: Yes. One of the many wonderful things about the Sloan Museum Auto Fair is that all vehicles are welcome! This event is open to all vehicles, including hot rods, original, modified, motorcycles, and more. If it’s got wheels, it’s welcome.

Q: I’m a Genesee County Resident. I don’t want to see the show, just visit the museum. Can I do that?
A: No. The Genesee County Arts Education and Cultural Millage free admission benefit does not apply during Auto Fair weekend; Sloan Museum’s regular hours and admission discounts will resume on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

Q: Can we bring a dog to the show?
A: Yes, dogs are welcome to the show as long as they are on a leash. Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the museum or planetarium unless it is a Service Animal.

Q: My vehicle won an award last year, do I have to pay this year?
A: There is no charge. Yes, you are invited back and will be part of our Lane of Fame display. A letter will be mailed to you that must be signed and sent back. This helps us to properly plan the space required.

Q: I have a Vehicle for Sale. Is there a special area for cars for sale? Can I enter my car in the show and display a for sale sign on the dash?
A: There is no special area or Car Corral . You can register the car for the show, bring it onto the show grounds, and have a small and discrete For Sale sign in the window.

Q: When are the Winning Awards given out?
A: Sunday at 3pm. Registration ID numbers will be announced at the beginning of the Awards Ceremony.

Q: I have a pop-up tent. Can I bring it?
A: If you’d like to bring a pop-up tent, you may do so. Stakes are ok, and bags or buckets of sand are preferred.

Q: Can I camp or stay overnight with my vehicle?
A: No camping or sleeping overnight is allowed at the Flint Cultural Center.

Q: I’d like to grill during the show. Can I do that?
A: We’re sorry. No grilling is allowed.

Q: Is there a Swap Meet?
A: No, there is a not a Swap Meet. However we are allowing Vendors. Visit our Vendor page for more details.

Vintage Motorcycles
Our vintage motorcycle display will be feature a variety of bikes, starting with one from the 1930’s through the late 70’s.

A Tribute to Police & Military display

In service, classic and restored emergency and military vehicles are included in this display.

Vintage Tractors owned by the Genesee Valley Tractor Collectors Club

In 1990 a small group of tractor lovers came together to form the Genesee Valley Tractor Collectors Club. The purpose of the club is to promote the interest of the public in the preservation and the restoration of antique tractors, particularly the John Deere two-cylinder models, their accessories, lore and literature. Today over 100 members of the club continue their love of tractors and participate in shows, parades, drives and pulls around Michigan and beyond.